Admission September 2010


Interdisciplinary Master Programs organized in collaboration with prestigious academic institutions from Switzerland, Germany and USA:
→ Intercultural Communication
Courses in French and English languages
→ Intercultural Management
Courses in French and English languages
→ Business Administration (MBA)
Courses in English language

Master programs accredited by the Romanian Agency for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (ARACIS) and approved by the Ministry of Education, Research and Youth (MECT) OMECT No 4936/30.07.2008.

International Framework:
the program is organized in collaboration with the University of Fribourg (CH), School of Business Administration (HEG-HSW) Fribourg (CH), University of Hamburg (D) and the American Seminar Leaders Associaton, Pasadena (USA).

the programs are structured accordingly to the Bologna system, 4 semesters, which correspond to a number of 120 ECTS.

Language and organization of courses:
courses are taught in English and French are normally held on Thursdays and Fridays evenings (18.00-21.00) and Saturday.

will be take place in September (8-12) 2010 and will include 2 tests:
1) A competition taking into account the average of the degree examination (bachelor) for all Master programs

2) Interview
– for MBA in English
– for Intercultural Communication and Intercultural Management in English and French

Places available:
27 paid by students fees: 1000 / semester

– Intercultural Communication
18 paid by students fees: 1550 RON / semester

– Intercultural Management
16 paid by students fees: 1550 RON / semester

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Assist. univ. Lilian Ciachir,
Dpartement-Chaire UNESCO d’tude des changes interculturels et interreligieux,
Universit de Bucarest
Bvd. Schitu Magureanu no 1,
2me tage, bureau no 14,
RO-050025, Bucarest

Portable: +40.744.48.13.26
Fax: +40.31.810.58.32

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